Sown in Bolton day 17

Today has been all about bulk carrying and moving things around. This morning we ferried well over a ton of soil to different addresses on the estate to fill up and top up our growers raised beds.

Its been a day of real hard work, and some good laughs along the way, particularly when we have worked with our growers kids bless ’em. Just before lunch time I took five minutes out to crop some produce from the UCAN centres Yarden, as mentioned previously all food grown in the Yarden is given away free of charge to people who have been benefit sanctioned or had their benefits reduced.

After a hearty and well deserved lunch myself and local lad Mark Walmsley continued filling our trolley with soil, raised beds and plug plants and continued dropping off and setting up the beds in a similar manner to the mornings work.

Despite being rained on a couple of times we continued our work and managed to get a fair bit done by the end of the day, and as is the case for the last few weeks I am now at home with my feet up, chilling out with a pint of home made ale, thanks for reading, and catch up with you again soon.


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