Sown in Bolton day 15

The day began loading up the van with pots, plug plants, canes and other horticultural resources before making our way up to Breightmet where the stuff was then unloaded into my work area in the alleyway behind the UCAN centre.

Last week if filled around sixty large pots with seeds and plants, today is the day that we deliver these plants to our growers houses. By lunch time around half of the plants had been dropped off.

From half twelve onwards I managed to catch up with Bolton at Home manager Tony Cottam about possible ways of funding and developing our work in 2018, and about delivering some accredited horticultural training to unemployed folk on the estate, as usual a colourful and fruitful meeting with Tony, with plenty to think about over the coming months.

The rest of the afternoon was spent delivering more large potted plants and giving on the spot horticultural advice to some of our growers.

Speaking of some of our growers, its great to see the effort put in by some of this years growers, again some have naturally taken to growing food which is great for us to see in these chaotic and uncertain economic times.

Before I go and have a glass of lovely chilled home made apple wine in the back garden I’d just like to share a few thoughts and reflections about delivering these house to house food growing projects.

We are now in our fourth year of doing this and the number of growers interested in taking part is climbing by the year which to us shows how many people are struggling to meet their daily food requirements.

In order to make these projects more effective and reach out to greater numbers of families we need to look at diverse funding strands, including another crowdfunding campaign which we will be putting together in the early autumn to run throughout winter. We will also be seeking support from the Permaculture community, transition Network, Food for life and other orgs interested in fighting food poverty and helping us to make organic produce available to all regardless of income.

This project has got legs, and I want to make sure that it keeps walking, and whilst there is an ongoing manufactured scarcity that continues to keep millions living in poverty, and land is degraded by industrial agriculture there is a great need for our work to continue, and continue it will!


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