Sown in Bolton day 14

Again, another lovely day weather wise here in Bolton, it would have been a perfect gardeners day if it wasn’t for the harsh penetrating heat raining down from the Sun, but that’s another story.

Before making our way up to Breightmet we called in one of Bolton’s many always emerging discount pound shops where we bought fifty large sturdy plant pots for fifty quid. the same pots were on sale less than a mile away at three pounds a pop, so always worth looking about for bargains, particularly cheap well made ones, which is a rarity in itself.

By the time we arrived in Breightmet the Sun was already on full beam, many of the folk who use the convenience store next door to the UCAN centre were sweating and fanning their selves with their hands as they entered and left the store. Litte kids screamed in push chairs as they tucked into jubblys and fizzy pop.

We unloaded our bargain pots, fruit trees, plug plants and other gardening resources that we’d stacked up in the van before leaving home.

After gulping down a pint of ice cold water and it barely touching the suns, I decided that the sun was simply too intense and hot to be pushing our large trusty trolly loaded to the nines with all things horticultural round the estate, and besides I had lots of potting on work to do at the rear of the UCAN centre that would keep me occupied for the day.

So here is a before and after picture of todays work, in the first picture as you can probably make out many of the pots are lined up and ready to receive their soil and plants.

The second picture shows the pots filled planted, seeded and ready to make their way round to our growers houses. Aside from plodding on with filling all of these pots I also went and visited a few of our growers houses to discuss next weeks work with them when I am hoping to come up mob handed to stick the last of the raised beds in.


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