Women’s Food growing session @ Willow Hey project

As part of a small pot of funding we received last month we were able to hold a gardening/horticulture session with community college students where they were all given free fruit trees at the end of the session, off the back of that particular session we were able plan Today’s workshop  at the beautiful and very productive Willow Hey site close to where the women live.

So today we did a short workshop on fruit bushes and how to look after them and take cuttings during the wintertime, following this we potted up some mixed herbs and cuttings for our growers to take home with them whilst talking about each individual herb and its uses as we planted them.

The herbs that we planted were those with a good all round usage, including different varieties of Mint, Sage, Lemon Balm, and Stevia, which seemed to generate most interest when students tried a taste of its sweet leaves.

So all in all not a bad session despite the ferocious heat, We are hoping to run more of these sessions on a regular Friday basis so watch this space for times and dates. One thing we did pick up from the women today was giving them enough time to pick their kids up from School, so the start time of future sessions will be based on this.


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