Sown in Bolton day 11 followed by the last Tonge Moor Kitchen Garden session.

Its getting to the point now where I really think that the MET office are overpaid for their weather forecasts, and that I would actually get a better forecast by checking the clouds out for a few minutes in the morning. So the weather website said today would be a little cloudy without rain, how wrong they were it rained on and off during much of the day, luckily for me it wasn’t so harsh as to stop work. Weather rant over with for now!

This mornings work was all about planting stuff in large pots and delivering them to our growers houses using our trusty reclaimed trolley to wheel resources round the estate.  We also managed to fill up a few of our growers raised beds with soil and plants whilst doing the rounds on the estate.

And for the rest of the day, give or take the odd brew break here and there this was pretty much what our work consisted of in terms of prepping and moving resources around.

After our Sown in Bolton day ended, we made our way over to the Kitchen garden in Tonge Moor where we thinned out and planted on various Brassica’s and half a dozen Rhubarb plug plant. Some of the women and children who are part of the project managed to take some edibles home with them today, including, spinach, chard, lettuce and Swede.



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