Sown in Bolton day 10 and a visit to Men in Sheds @ Breightmet Hub

Due to unreliable weather reports and seemingly spontaneous bouts of rain, its been a tricky affair trying to plan and execute work days in Breightmet. So we decided that since it wasnt raining this morning that we would be as spontaneous as the rain and just turn up in Breightmet unannounced.

So first things first, filling large pots with compost and planting on Tomatoes and courgettes. Then we moved onto planting herbs in long rectangular pots, we also dropped a few off here and there at different peoples houses that were close to the UCAN centre.

At around lunch time we moved half a ton of soil down to Breightmet Community Food growing hub at the bottom of New Lane, the said soil was used to fill planting containers that were formally parts of old washing machines, we filled them with soil and threw some late seed potatoes in.

The Men in Sheds lads had decided to trial Fridays out as a way of sorting and rearranging tools and resources, which would free up time and resources to use during the regular Wednesday morning sessions.

Not a bad day really, some good work carried out, and some good news from one of our growers who has recruited two more people into the project who live in Irwell Valley Housing Association properties, so all is good from our end, and with it being late Friday afternoon its time to pour a pint of ice cold home brewed Ale and sit in the back garden chilling, have a good weekend people.


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