Sown in Bolton day 8

Another gloriously sunny day today, which is just how us community gardeners like it. The first job of the morning was unloading all of the new resources that we recently purchased for the project, including fruit trees, herb plug plants, rhubarb plants and lots of sweetcorn plugs.

For the next hour or so we filled up large pots with soil and slowly pulled our cart round the estate dropping them off at different growers houses.

In the afternoon we paid a quick visit to Chris who has just come on board with us with our growing project, at Chris’s we planted sweetcorn, climbing beans and gave him a few potted toms and herbs.

After finishing at Chris’s we bumped into a Congolese women who we worked with last year, between us and out language difficulties we worked that she needed some plants and help with her garden, so she is first on our list for next weeks house visits.

We said out goodbyes and into Marks house who lives next door to Chris, this year Mark has really got stuck into his garden and has lots of varied crops which will start to come during the next few weeks.

By the time we left Marks place the sun was on full beam and it was time to head back to the UCAN centre to gulp back pints of much needed cold water and seek out some much needed shade before carrying on with our work.

Before I go and drink a pint of ice cold home brewed Ale in the back garden one of the really good things about today has been catching up with our old growers, and picking up two new growers who live in Irwell Valley Housing Association properties.

Despite the fact that we started this years project two months later than last years due to trying to raise funds, we can safely say that we will be able to provide our growers with most of the seasonable edible plants they need.


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