Sown in Bolton day 7

So glad it wasn’t raining this morning when I woke, even if it had have been time is getting on in the season so I would have worked in the rain anyway, but luckily the clouds held out and spared us from dumping their liquid load on us.

One of our Growers and Breightmet Hub member Mark helped me out today, which was a great help as the next few weeks of work are the heaviest before it settles down into sowing and planting.

We spend the morning potting on courgettes, strawberries and tomatoes and delivering plants round the estate on two ex-store trollies that have been knocking round the estate for the past few years.

After a quick lunch we went up New Lane to see how Marks garden was progressing. After Marks we called at his neighbours to drop some resources off, as we left his neighbours garden we decided to call on Kate, Kate is an Irish women in her seventies who is an active member of the community, she joined our growing project late last year, we dropped some potato grow bags at Kate’s and chatted with her outside her gate before heading off back to New Lane UCAN centre to reload the trollies.

By the end of our working day in Breightmet  we used almost a ton of compost in pots alone, and managed to deliver most of them, so a good day all in all.

After Breightmet we took our gardening show over to the Kitchen garden of Tonge Moor, at today’s session we companion planted french climbing beans with sweetcorn, and had a general site tidy up.

Once the kids turned up we  thinned out some of the seedling in the beds, and covered the potato plants with compost, before lining old tyres with membrane and planting mixed salad leaves into them, towards the end of the session we completely cleared a bed and sowed carrot seeds into it. A good turn out today with around nine people attending and getting involved in the session.


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