Sown in Bolton Day 5

Phew what a Scorcher today has been. We began our mornings work in Breightmet with a quick brew and a pint of ice cold water then made our way down to the Hub where we loaded our trusty ex-store trolley with raised beds and began pushing it up and down the hills of Breightmet dropping them off at various growers houses.

As is always the case when we are out and about on the estate word soon gets out about the project, and today was no exception we picked up another two growers purely through chatting to folk on the street.

In the afternoon despite the fierce heat and lack of breeze we managed to do three large trips around the site with the trolley loaded up with large pots containing tomatoes, and also mixed herb pots, then it was time to stop for a breather and down a pint of much needed ice cold water.

After re-hydrating we continued to pot on various edible plants for delivery to our growers houses next week. After our work in Breightmet was finished it was off over to Tonge Moor to work with the women and children of the Kitchen garden project, When we arrived at the site the women and kids we already strimming and tidying the site, sadly there had been a bit of vandalism on the site, but nothing too serious and the mess took around three minutes to clear so no great loss of resources and time.

So today on the site we dug a trench and planted potatoes, and sowed various salad seeds into one of the raised beds. The site was also strimmed and towards the end of the session we visited the homes of the women who intend to start growing at home, all three gardens were in good shape and there was some food growing activity already happening.


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