Sown in Bolton Day 4

I decided to put some time in today ahead of my usual Tuesday working on the sown in Bolton project. It was a warm sunny morning and we had purchased lots of gardening and growing resources over the weekend so it seemed like a good move to get ahead a little whilst the weather was good.

As is the case in the first few weeks of these projects its all about ordering stuff, getting large pots filled with young edible plants and seed sowing, with the three tons of compost that were delivered last week it was time to get some plants into pots.

So today’s potting on consisted of lots of Outdoor Girl Tomatoes and mixed herbs, thankfully most of which will be distributed tomorrow freeing up the floor space of the New Lane UCAN centre.

After the potting on session I went over to see Si one of our growers and dropped off some plants for him in the process and discussed what he will be growing for his family this season,. then spent some time with Jenny another of our growers from Thicketford Brow. A short day today but a fair amount of work done, so all is good.


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