Sown in Bolton day 2

I arrived at the UCAN shortly after nine, fired a quick brew and a fag down and then set to work planting stuff on for the growers ready for distribution to various houses on the estate next week.

So today I potted on tomatoes, filled grow bags full of compost and seed potatoes and finished off clearing and planting in the Yarden growing space ready for the emerging propaganda garden of summer.

In the afternoon I walked round the estate with a pen and paper collecting names of people who were interested in growing, and making lists of the different resources needed for each house.

Not a bad afternoon, all in all I managed to get ten families signed up for the project, gave on the spot gardening advice to three families and have another potential three families through People I spoke to on the estate.

After recruiting growers I walked over to Tonge Moor to work with the kitchen gardeners on their site which is situated in the middle of the estate. As part of todays session we continued thinning out the strawberry bed and potting on the newer plants which were taken home by the young kids that helped to pot them on.

We also weeded a little, had a general tidy, and planted on two fruit bushes. Towards the end of the session we spoke about expanding growing on the estate, and have decided to start working on individual families gardens in a few weeks time.

So all in all, a lovely day weather wise with the sun on full beam all day, and some good work carried out, so its a cold one from the fridge for me, and some more seed sowing as the sun goes down, thanks for reading, and be back soon with more tales of fighting food poverty through food growing.


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