Sown in Bolton day 1

So here we are with a day and a bit left of our Sown in Bolton crowdfunder, its not looking like we are going to hit the twenty thousand that we need to work with a hundred families, but do have some resources that have enabled us to start the project, we uncertain of how many families we can work with but will endeavor to work with as many as we can.

Despite us doing some work behind the scenes we have finally decided to call today day one of the project, and what a great days its been, we spent the morning tidying and sowing seeds in the Yarden at the Breightmet UCAN centre, in previous years this growing space has proved a great propaganda tool in inspiring local people to grow their own food, here’s how it works: local residents come into the UCAN centre to access support services, whilst at the centre we give out veg that is grown in the yarden and in good weather UCAN users will sit outside where the food is growing, we have picked up around a dozen growers in recent years using the Yarden is a propaganda tool.

After clearing the beds and sowing various veg seeds into them, I walked up to the Tonge Moor UCAN centre where we worked with the Kitchen Garden growers who live on the local housing estate, here we sowed seeds with the kids and potted on dozens of strawberry plants from the raised beds, which were taken home by the Mums and kids. The site itself is situated on a small site in the middle of a council estate and is well attended, at the height of today’s session which wasn’t advertised, word of mouth bought around a dozen people to the site.


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