Sown in Bolton Crowdfunder: What your pledges will provide

Its quite difficult in a three minute promo video to explain everything that we intend to deliver if our crowdfunder is successful, so I shall run through everything here as a means of providing a broader insight into where your pledges will go if you decide to support what we are trying to do.

Resources  We will provide a 100 households with raised beds filled with organic compost, a fruit tree, some fruit bushes, large pots containing herbs, a small portable greenhouses, seed trays and seeds and watering can. We Will also be providing seeds, seedtrays and plug plants at the sessions that we are running to complement and support the growing project.

Project delivery We will set growing kits up in our growers gardens and then support them every week by providing both Labour and horticultural advice directly to growers in their gardens. This support will run until the end of the growing season.

Complementary training and support at growing Hubs In order to support our growers further in their en devours to grow food effectively we will be running workshops throughout the growing season at both Breightmet Hub and Willow hey project, these sessions will focus on cooking tasty and health meals on a budget, and support sessions in organic horticulture. Again these sessions will run throughout the growing season ending in autumn and will be open to not only our growers but any person who lives on the two local social housing estates that are within close proximity to the Hubs.

Social benefits beyond the monetary  The social benefits of projects like this are very much worthy of a mention and cannot really be explained or quantified by monetary value, in the old speak of community orientated work there are both hard and soft outcomes from projects like this.

In the previous years that we have ran these projects with our co-collaborators Bolton at Home we have noticed that the kids who engage in the project actually eat the veg that they are growing. Neightbours talk to each other more and share ideas over the fence. People also learn new skills, and in the case of some of our growers who are suffering with serious long term health issues a level of both physical and mental well being has been nurtured through the the exercise of getting out in the garden, the sense of achievement from growing cooking and eating something from their garden. In some ways this direct way of getting people to grow and eat fruit and vegetables sidesteps the need for our growers to understand the nitty gritty of vitamins and minerals, and as I am sure most health specialists would agree if families are eating a variety of fresh seasonal produce from their gardens then they have met that so hard to achieve objective of healthy eating without being baffled and bamboozled by daily nutritional and vitamin information.


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