Men in Sheds and Community growing @ Breightmet Hub Dec 2016

A rather damp and dull start to a grey and sluggish morning, but we don’t care about that, its our weekly Men in Sheds and Community growing workshop at Breightmet Hub and we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Our work on the site today has centred around two things really, firstly the painting up and trial of our locally made woodburning stove acquired by Landrover Dave and clearing more raised beds and making them cat poo proof by covering them with wooden pallets over the winter.

So yes there was much excitement and anticipation of getting woodburner burning and to add to the good vibe Tony Cottam turned up with some tools that a very kind retired local engineer has donated to the project, a big thank you to this big hearted fella from all the Lads!

Over the course of the morning the lads sanded, grinded and painted the woodburning stove and by lunch time it was ready for ignition.

The stove lit easily and soon dried the heat dispersant pain whilst providing some much needed heat in this cold December Morn. Again another great session today, some great ideas from the lads about hooking up the Men in Sheds project with Red lane community allotments just round the corner from the site. And before I go and have my tea I would like to say a big thank you to Welder Joe from Hindley for making our woodburning stove with great skill and at a very reasonable price, onwards and upwards!














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