Men in Sheds and Community growing @ Breightmet Hub 30th Nov

What a cold start to the Morning! Usually, shortly after arriving at the Breightmet Community food growing Hub I walk up to the UCAN centre for water for brews. not this morning, as soon as I hit the site I fired up the rocket stove to try and add a little warmth to the proceedings.

One by one the lads turned up to the session, as usual due to their keenness they all arrived at least half an hour before the session started, which again from our point of view is great to see. Today on site the lads continued making internal shelving for the sheds and moving large volumes of timber from one shed to another, I helped them out a little and also went round the site and had a clean up rubbish that had been thrown over the fence, and bits and pieces of old gardening kit from the summers growing.

Just before lunchtime Men in Sheds tutor Landrover Dave cracked open a few boxes of cream cakes which he had picked up for the lads as a way of saying thank you for their input into the project.

The plan for next week which everyone on site is excited about is the painting and installation of the woodburning stove. Judging by the size of said stove it looks like it is capable of throwing out a lot of heat, which after the cold of this morning is a great thing.  All in all a good mornings work from the lads.


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