Men in Sheds, Community Growing, Beechcroft Community allotment

A busy old day today as we roll into the thick of autumn, first port of call this morning was the UCAN centre for water for brews and to collect some strawberry trailers from the centres back yard, then back down to the Hub for the Men in Sheds and community growing session.

The Lads of the Shed are really excited today as they have a new shipping container which was donated to them by another project free of charge, so they spent today’s session building some shelving inside the container and straightening the container up on the blocks it is mounted on.

Whilst the lads worked away with their new Shed I created a new Strawberry bed using the trailers I had harvested from the UCAN centre, then I planted on two fruit bushes into a larger double bed and continued uprooting this years spent plants being careful to leave them inside the beds from where they were pulled to act as a deterrent for estate cats wishing to use the beds as a convenience.

After the Hub session was over Landrover Dave gave me a lift over to Beechcroft community allotment site where I did a double session clearing, weeding and hoeing two large raised beds. Once the beds they cleared of roots and weeds they were planted with  three different varieties of soft neck garlic. I left the site just after six and walked the mile and half home witnessing a breath taking fiery golden autumn sunset as whilst blankets of red and brown autumn leaves crunched underfoot, a great day!


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