Men in Sheds and Community Gardening @ Breightmet Hub

A cool start to today with the blanket of autumn slowly coming out of the seasonal cupboard to cover us all and put the garden to bed until spring. As usual my first job of the day was to make sure that the Men in Sheds had brewing tackle and water ect before their session began.

There is still a high level of keenness from the Men, most of whom turn up around half an hour before the session is due to start and today was no exception to this rule, this is so good to see and is largely down to the skills and dedication of Men in Sheds Tutor Landrover Dave who has created a laid back and friendly learning environment for the Men.

The Men in Sheds lads moved over a ton of chippings and barrowed it around the raised beds, they also continued clearing and tidying the site in preparation for the arrival of a new shipping container which is being delivered tomorrow.

In terms of my own work I planted around seventy cloves of French garlic which will grow over the winter, giving us a crop in july of 2017.  We also cropped some produce from the site, some of which is going to the storehouse pantry where it will be part of the food access scheme that is run by them. some went up to New Lane UCAN centre where it will give to people who struggling as part of the deliberate ongoing manufactured austerity Policies that are pushing millions into poverty.


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