Get growing Breightmet project case study 2014-2016

The get growing Breightmet Projects began in the spring of 2013 when Bolton at Home commissioned us to deliver a food growing project to families and individuals living on Greenroyd Avenue in Breightmet. This project was central to both Bolton at home and Bolton Urban Growers core themes of addressing food poverty in a direct and practical way via home food growing.

How the project worked

seven families on Greenroyd Avenue were provided with a food growing start up kit, including:

  • raised bed
  • small portable greenhouse
  • fruit trees
  • fruit bushes
  • herb and salad pots
  • seeds, seed trays, and compost

Weekly support

The project was supported on a once a week basis from March until September where we provided direct horticultural advice and support to our growers one day a week working with out growers in their gardens and homes.

Get growing 2015

Using the same gardening start up kit and horticultural support as used on the Get Growing Greenroyd project we expanded our work onto the estate in Breightmet and worked with twenty five families on the first of the ‘Get growing Breightmet’ Projects, opening up the project to the wider housing estate and its residents.

Get growing 2016

Following on from the greater number of participants from 2015 this years project worked with a total of thirty two families in helping them to grow their own food, by the time we had taken on board our last growers in July we were approached by a further six families who showed an interest in growing some of their own food at home.



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