Connecting the Hubs: Men in Sheds away day

Ever since the spring of 2014 we have been working on the development of two community food growing Hubs, one in Farnworth and one in Breightmet. Now that both Hubs are up and fully functioning our next job is to connect the two Hubs in whatever way we are able to.

So as part of connecting the Hubs the first thing that we needed to connect where the actual people involved in both Hubs, this happened today when we decided to take the Men in Sheds lads from Breightmet over to the Willow Hey Hub.

Chris Wood Community development officer for Bolton Home supplied locally made Carrs pasties for the away day, the pasties went down very well and the whole box had disappeared within ten minutes of them being put on the Table.

The Breightmet Men in Sheds lads really took to the Willow Hey site and in many ways this visit has fired them up to try out new ideas at the Breightmet Hub. In fact the lads enjoyed the site so much that some have said that they will help out in the future whenever needed, so all in all, a great site visit with some positive outcomes.


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