Breightmet Hub: Men in Sheds and community growing

Another lovely but close start to the morning weather wise, as I made my pot of tea on my gas stove outside you could sense that today was going to be a scorcher, and indeed it was.

A mixed bag of work for us today, first up setting all of the men sheds tables up and arranging seats for brew breaks, then off up to the New Lane UCAN centre for an importent and fruitful meeting about the further development of community food growing and the Hubs on which this growing is based.

The Men in shed lads made a funky vertical grower based on Landrover Dave’s skill full drawings, Dave has a method where he can look as a drawing or picture, and de-construct it in his mind and translate it into the real thing, he refers to this process as ‘Engineering it backwards’.

On the growing side of things we move the remaining seedling from new Lane UCAN centre to the hub and filled three large beds with around three tons of grass sods that were dropped off at the site last week. So despite the hot weather everybody plodded on and got stuck in and a great day was had by all.


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3 Responses to Breightmet Hub: Men in Sheds and community growing

  1. Looks like you have a lot of work on. Good luck with it.

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