Get Growing Breightmet: The last Day

Its always something of a sad time when these growing projects come to an end, and this years is no exception. As I sat smoking my roll up and sipping on my brew before leaving for Breightmet this morning the first though I had was ‘Hasn’t the year gone quickly’

For the first hour of the morning I tidied and cleaned up the spent pots, soil and other gardening bits and pieces from the UCAN centre alleyway and back yard.  Alan Chadwick turned up to help at ten oclock and between us we tidied and organised the shed, stacking pots and seed trays up ready for use in the next growing season. The shed is now so tidy that there is almost double room that we started with back in March.

After our mass tidy was made our way round the estate putting plants into peoples raised beds so that they will hopefully have some crops during the autumn and winter months.

With every year that passes more and more people take up our offer of growing, this year we exceeded our original quota of twenty five growers and ended up working with thirty two families in all. This figure would have no doubt been higher as one of the families who signed up ended up moving house, and another was not well enough to participate. So all in all a good year on the get growing project with more and more people engaging and eating the produce that they have grown.


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