Breightmet Hub 31st August: Men in Sheds and community growing

An uncertain start to the morning today, it had been raining for around an hour before even thinking about going up to Breightmet, it was a case of the usual scenario, do I not bother going in, or take a chance on the rain clearing, I went for the latter.

First port of call was the New lane UCAN centre for water and brewing up equipment, then back down to the Hub to open the site up. It stopped raining for around twenty minutes, then the heavens opened up. Despite the rain the Men in Sheds lad didn’t seem too perturbed by the downfall and continued with their work.

In terms of my own work on the site today, I planted a few things and moved three large raised beds from the roof of the shipping container and begin to fill them with tons of pieces of clods of turf that were given to us, the idea here is stacking the turf slices in the beds upside down, then to cover the beds with membrane and grow though holes made in membrane.

By doing this we will have saved around a hundred and forty pounds that would have otherwise been spent on ton bags of compost. So despite spots of sporadic hard rain, today went well really, the Men in Sheds lads got stuck in, and I managed to weave in and out of various pieces of work, all is good.


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