Get Growing Breightmet 30th August

Another lovely start to the day this morning, the sun was shining, there was a a gentle and welcome breeze in the air and the promise of a good days

As with most of our work here, its been all about getting plants into pots and into growers raised beds, today was no exception, myself and Alan ‘Mr C’ Chadwick loaded and unloaded our trusty trolley at different locations across the site, stopping occasionally to gulp down pints of ice cold water from the New Lane UCAN centre.

Alan helped out until lunch time and I continued dragging the trolley round the estate dropping stuff off, chatting to growers and giving out horticultural advice to those who had queries about their plants and produce . More people have asked us for advice this year, which had been great as we have been able to answer all of their questions which makes it easier for residents to grow their own healthy organic food.

As this project nears its end for 2016 I paused for reflection and smoked a roll up in one of our growers gardens after loading some soil into her raised bed, despite the difficulty with our plants being destroyed in early June, we have managed to replace much of what was lost with crops that will provide food for our growers deep into the heart of winter, and this is no bad thing particularly when many are struggling to make ends meet.


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