Breightmet Hub 24th August: Men in Sheds, Beechcroft allotments

As you see from the title of this blog, it has been a busy old day working at different locations in Bolton. Today’s work began as usual at half eight, first things first, make the Men in Sheds had everything they needed for today’s session, no worries on this front Landrover Dave had all of the brewing tackle they needed, including the welcome return of my rocket stove to the site for brew making which I had left at the Willow Hey site as part of the introduction to permaculture that I delivered there last month.

Whilst the Men in Sheds refurbished and made stronger an old display table, I continued with gardening on the site, albeit at a slow pace due to the harsh dry heat. Luckily for me the area where the two large potato beds are situated were shaded from the sun enabling me to work without passing out and falling over. 

Later in the afternoon Tony Cottam picked me up and took me over to Beechcroft Community allotments where we dug up some garlic which will be used to start off our local food economy project.

After Tony left I started to clear some of the beds but with the heat still being fairly ferocious and my Man flu biting harder than yesterday I had to throw the towel in after half an hour out of sheer common sense, but we will return to the site in a week or so with the Men in Sheds lads from the Hub. So, like yesterday it was bloody hot today, and plodding around at two miles an hour seemed to be the only effective method to get things done, but at least we did get things done.


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