Get Growing Breightmet 23rd of August: sunshine and graft

I woke this morning with the beginnings of what felt like Man Flu, I had to make a quick decision, did I take the day off and and try and rest, or do I just ignore it.Since the effects of this Man Flu weren’t too severe I decided to go in and ignore it.

By the time I arrived at the New Lane UCAN centre the temperature was already in the early sixties and getting hotter with every minute that passed, So myself and Alan ‘Mr C’ Chadwick paced ourselves as best we could when wheeling our cart loaded with plants around the estate.

So, much of our day today has been taken up with delivering plants, giving advice and tidying one of two of our growers raised beds.

At lunch time I caught up Tony Cottam for a meeting about both this years work and next years potential work, as usual a very fruitful meeting with Tony bouncing ideas around, looking at potential connections and discussing the ongoing development of our attempts at firing up a local food economy in Bolton.

After the meeting I caught up with one our growers further up New Lane, who wanted advice about the best crops to grow over autumn and winter. Despite a fairly rough and uncertain start to the day, all ended up well, and the sunlight and heat even dried up some of my cold, so all was good.



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One Response to Get Growing Breightmet 23rd of August: sunshine and graft

  1. Sounds like a worthwhile day. 😉

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