Holiday Kitchen sessions @ Elderdale community centre

This is the second Farm to Fork holiday kitchen that Bolton at Home have kindly invited us to deliver, and today’s session was at the Elderdale Community centre in Breightmet.

The bulk of our work is carried out in the Breightmet area of Bolton so it was great to see some familiar faces at today’s session whom we have worked with before.

Urban Grower team member Jean Urmston cooked a curry and rice with all of the trimmings, after eating community members moved over to the long tables where I delivered a windowsill food growing session.

Most of the folk who turned up were Congolese refugees whom I have worked with before, it was really touching to see that despite them coming from one of the most war torn countries in the world that many of the children drew love hearts on the labels for their windowsill boxes.

So all in all a lively session and great to be invited again, thanks to Community Development worker Lisa Forrest for inviting us to deliver the sessions, and to Gaynor, Naz and Val for their invaluable help during and after the sessions, respect to you all!


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