Holiday Kitchen sessions @ John Holt centre

The Holiday Kitchen sessions run throughout the summer holidays and offer interactive community sessions where both the children and parents join in and work with each other during the sessions activities.These sessions are also aimed at families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Our involvement in these Bolton at Home initiated and funded sessions is really about two interlinked activities, firstly Urban Growers team member Jean Urmston provided a low cost healthy meal for the day which included a pack containing the ingredients and recipe for the chick pea and potato curry that she prepared for today’s session, and secondly keeping with the theme of food I worked with young children from the estate putting together windowsill growing boxes containing various seeds, including carrots, radishes and cut and come again Salad leaves.

What was great for us was the fact that in an age of takeaways and mass produced processed food, that most of the children really enjoyed the food that Jean had made, and really enjoyed the gardening session afterwards.

Once everything was potted up and watered I ran a little quiz where I asked the children questions about fruit and vegetables, if they answered correctly, which all did, their prize was that they got to spray water in my face from one of the sprayers we had used to water the grow boxes, great fun was had by all, and the kids soaked me with water which inspired much laughter from them. A great afternoon, and a big thank you to Community development worker Lisa Bradley for inviting us to deliver these sessions, and also thanks to the Mums and Val Hulme for helping out.



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