Get growing Breightmet 2nd August

Shortly after having a quick brew and fag on my arrival at the Breightmet UCAN centre it was straight out the back to take a delivery of a two ton load of organic compost. As soon as the soil had been dropped I began barrowing it the short distance to the rear of the UCAN centre where I had lined up some large pots ready receive it.

All was going well filling the pots with compost and then out of nowhere it started to rain, I continued working, with the help of local grower Alan Chadwick, but as the rain fell harder it was time to seek somewhere dry until it stopped.

Whilst sheltering from the rain Alan informed me that he had brought some of his home grown potatoes with him that he had grown in one of our grow sacks, after taking a picture of Alan holding them, he than gave them away to someone in inside the UCAN centre.

The rain stopped for around an hour and half enabling us to fill dozens of large pots with compost, I worked through my lunch break simply because it wasn’t raining and there was work to do. I then switched over to sowing seeds which were stacked on the shed roof with other seed trays that we filled in the weeks previous.

Alas though in the afternoon it started falling again and continued to fall. Again I worked in the rain for as long as possible until it soaked me through, then it was time to stop for the day, or continue without a wet suit, the former won hands down.


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