Get growing Breightmet 26th July

Today was one of those hit and miss days, certainly in terms of the weather, it rained, it stopped, it rained it stopped and so on and so forth. But despite this myself, Urban grower team member Wynn Hutch, and local grower Alan Chadwick soldiered on and got stuck into the work, occasionally having to run for cover to the dryness of the UCAN centre.

We are still sowing seeds and still putting plants and seeds into large pots. This work will continue for the next few weeks as we try to build up a good supply of plants and crops which will provide into the autumn, and into the winter.

In the afternoon we caught up with Damien one of our growers on Padbury Avenue, and spoke about growing sprouts, beans and had a good conversation about the medicinal qualities of fresh home grown garlic.

We also caught up with Catherine and kids who live on the corner of Padbury Avenue to arrange a seed sowing session with her kids. As we move slowly towards the end of the growing season, the race is on for us, to sow hundreds and hundreds more seeds and get as many plants into our growers gardens as possible.


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