Breightmet Hub: Men in Sheds and Community Growing 20th July

My mornings work began with the customary walk up to the UCAN centre for water for making brews and plant watering. On the my return to the site many of the Men in Sheds lads had already turned up, great to see such enthusiasm!

Once the lads were set up with their water and rocket stove I began working on the raised beds, as we are still in catch up mode after our plants were destroyed by vandals a few weeks ago I continued sowing seeds and the few seedlings that survived into the beds and seed trays.

The sun went into full beam mode again and as I looked round the site there were half a dozen middle aged men all sweating and struggling with the heat. Whilst I had been gardening the Men had been making a pair of trestles from pieces of timber under the expert guidance of Landrover Dave.

Its such an amazing thing to see when half a dozen people put their minds together and make something out of nothing. The trestles will be used on the site as makeshift tables and work surfaces, and for any above ground level work that doesn’t require ladders. As the day went on I continued seed sowing and planting various plugs and seedlings and did a few more water runs up to the UCAN centre so I could drench the beds before leaving.


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