Get growing Breightmet and Beechcroft Community allotments 19th July

From the get go this morning the sun has been shining on full beam, I was even sweating as I was on the way up to Breightmet to begin my days work there. As with last week we are still on catch up after most of our seedlings were destroyed by vandals three weeks ago. Of course the heat continued and the temperature soared, there would be none of the usual running around today, it was all about pacing yourself.

So some of our work today consisted of sowing dozens of Chard, kale and Flat leafed Parsley to distribute to our growers later in the summer so that they have crops that will run into the autumn and winter. Alan ‘Mr C’ Chadwick helped me out this morning with the preparation of more large pots laced with seeds and their delivery to various growers houses.

Due to the excruciating and extreme heat our usual fairly fast pace of racing round the estate with a cart full of plants had predictably slowed down to the plod of ageing elephants, but despite this fierce heat we still managed to get through another ton of soil.

Later in the afternoon I spent some time chatting to some of our growers, mainly about gardening and growing but also about cooking and the preparation of produce. Whilst visiting our growers we went up Padbury Ave to see Damien one of our star growers, as expected on arrival in his back garden there were crops a plenty, including Carrots, sprouts, lettuce, beans, peas and a few squashes. Damiens garden is proof that it is possible to grow a fair amount of produce in a modest sized garden.

After leaving Breightmet UCAN centre it was over to Darcy Lever to the Beechcroft Community allotments where two Ton bags of soil had been dropped, Sarah and Her Partner Baz were hard at it when I arrived. Within a relatively short period of time all of the soil was moved into the raised beds where it was needed. I was hoping that there would be a large crop of broad beans, but alas the slugs had attacked many of them and some were suffering with a fungal virus. I also had some interesting conversations with Sarah and Baz about what to do with the large volume of fruit they had, so am hoping to deliver a workshop for them in the next couple of weeks as the bulk of the fruit comes in.


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