Community gardening and Men in Sheds @ The Hub 13th July

At today’s Men in Sheds session at Breightmet community Hub the lads all got stuck into the gardening aspect of the site, as I have mentioned before the activities are varied at each session, the idea of groups of men huddled together in a tiny shed knocking out bird boxes like its going of fashion does not apply here, this week gardening, next week woodworking and understanding how to use hand and power tools, and so it goes.

After our usual brew and fags and putting the world to rights the lads sowed seeds, weeded raised beds, and planted on seedlings. It was great to see them all so engrossed in their work, whilst still maintaining the social glue of friendly banter that keeps their interaction fluid and their communication skills on the go.

All in all hundreds of cabbage, beetroot and Swede seed were sown into trays, half a dozen raised planted out with stuff, four raised beds weeded, not a bad days graft really, despite the rains best efforts to entice us into the shipping container.

I would like to thank all of the lads personally for the sterling effort that they put in today.

so a big thank you going out to the following Satish, Mr C, dangerous Brian, Salford Steve, Red Lane Dave and tall Chris, great effort lads!


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