Breightmet Hub 29th June: Men in Sheds and community growing

By the time we arrived at Breightmet this morning, this rain was already falling and darker more thicker rain clouds moving towards us. After sorting out brewing stuff for the Men in Sheds session I walked down to the Hub, suprisingly and despite the now intense rainfall the men began to slowly trickle onto the site.

By the time the sessions kicked in there were six people in attendance. Limited by the weather the men tidied up the inside of the shipping container and stacked the timber lengths along the inside of the container.

I planted one or two things in the raised beds and put some poles up ready next weeks bean. After the session myself and Landrover Dave went over to Beechcroft community allotments in Darcy Lever to look at some pallet built shelters that the Men in Sheds are going to repair in a week or so’s time.

We managed to get a little done today, not as much I’d like too but this will be remedied next week when the weather is a little more in our favour, we all got drenched to the bone but a good day was had by all.


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