Get growing Breightmet 28th June

I arrived at the UCAN centre just after half eight this morning, after a quick brew and a roll up it was out into the alleyway to load up our trusty trolley with tomato and courgette plants, which were then wheeled around the estate and dropped off at our growers houses.

At ten o’clock Alan Chadwick turned up to help out, myself and Alan continued pulling the trolley around the estate, dropping stuff off and giving out friendly horticultural advice to our growers. We set up local lad stephen with a raised bed, Stephen attends our men in sheds sessions and is keen to grow some of his own food.

In the afternoon I bumped into local women Emma who was keen to join us as a grower, so I set her up with some large potted plants to start her off, then it was onto Kate one of my favourite Breightmet residents, a strong and kind women with a great sense of humour, we dropped off some plants at Kate’s and had a friendly chin wag with her for a few minutes before returning back to the UCAN centre.

Had a quick brew and a fag then loaded the trolley up with more plants. Then as if out of nowhere, the heavens opened, the rain fell hard, and I ended up holed up in the UCAN centre until the rain subsided.



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