Get growing Breightmet 27th June

Due the loss of plants through vandalism at the Breightmet Hub last week I decided to bring some of my own plants from home, so some our growers this year will be growing foods very different to anything that have ever tried before, such as perennial sea Kale, Oca tubers, Olluco tubers, heritage tomatoes and Lemon balm, this gives me a little time to some source some vegetable plug plants to allow the project to go unhindered by last weeks act of vandalism.

My work today has consisted of planting and potting dozens of courgettes, herb and Oca tubers, our growers will get a surprise when we drop some of this stuff off.

Also managed two quick but fruitful meetings. In the afternoon local and plot holder at Red Lane site donated some produce to the UCAN centre which will be given to people who are struggling financially.

I continued with the potting on and planted some fruit bushes in the Yarden of the UCAN centre and added a raised bed so that we able to rear seedlings for the door to door growing project without fear of the plants being stamped on and destroyed.






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