Breightmet Hub 22nd June: Men in Sheds and community growing

By the time we arrived at the Hub just before 9am, we were saddened to see that all of seedlings which were quite happily growing on the roof of the steel shipping container had all been thrown off the roof and stamped on once they were on the ground. There was also compost smeared all over the front of the shipping container and compost put inside our water butt IPC.

One of the annoying things about this is the fact that some of the seedlings that had been killed were going in the gardens of people who are really struggling financially, possibly even the families of the kids who tried to wreck the site. As result of losing these plants we are scrambling round late in the gardening season looking for plants to replace them with and have already found some.

Aside from our sad findings todays session went on as planned, Landrover Dave and the Men in Sheds lads cleaned up all of the mess, repaired the water butt and helped me to clear most of the sites raised beds. we also took deliver of some soil which we used to fill one of the larger raised beds, after filling it with soil we immediately put some seed in and covered the bed with netting to stop the local cats using it as a toilet.

so what started out as a quite a negative day ended with some good work, humour and banter, onwards and upwards!



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