Breightmet Hub 15th June: Men in Sheds, community growing

The usual start to a Wednesday morning for me, first call up to the UCAN centre to collect as much water as my cart is able to carry, some for watering seedlings and plants, and some for the Men in Sheds lads to make brews with on the rocket stove when they take their breaks. Then a few very quick meetings about different aspects of the project, then finally down to the Hub to get stuck into our days work.

The Men in Sheds split into a few different groups, some helped Landrover Dave to build a platform for our water collecting IPC tank. one fella who can only walk with the aid of crutches was set up with a makeshift table so he could sow seeds into trays, and two of the lads helped me to clear some of the sites raised beds.

Much of my work today has been about getting plants into the beds, with the seasons being a little out of alignment this year in terms of weather, I have been putting stuff into the beds a little later than I would have when our seasons were more stable.

We now have plants in around half of the beds, and will clear and fill the rest of the beds next week (weather permitting of of course) As I have mentioned in earlier posts the food we grow this year will be hopefully used for a box scheme for local people who cannot afford to buy from established organic veg box suppliers, and some of the produce will go to Bolton at Homes Green Cafe, where BAH staff we will able to purchase produce as they buy their lunch, all monies made from these ventures will be ploughed back into the project to ensure its sustainability.


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