A busy day @ Breightmet Hub, Men in Sheds, Beechcroft community Allotments

A busy old day today it has to be said, work began with a little toing and froing between Breightmet UCAN centre and the Hub, these were the usual journeys of getting water from A to B, anyone seeing my wheeling an ex retail store trolley full of different sized bottles and containers full of water might be kidded into thinking that I was in sub Saharan Africa.

I have said before on this subject that when you don’t have a water tap you really start to appreciate water when you have to move dozens of gallons of the stuff from one point to another.

Turning their hands to different activities

The Men in Sheds helped me out today doing various bits of gardening jobs, thanks Lads! Much of the work on the Hub was about clearing and planting into selective beds. We planted on peas, beans, squashes, courgettes and a variety of different herbs. Once again, even though last nights downpour had cooled the air some, it didnt take long for the fierce heat to return, which slowed out pace down to a plod. Before the leaving the Hub I took the first of the sites produce up to the UCAN centre to be given out to local people struggling financially.

Darcy Lever Bound

After the days work at the Hub came to an end, I made my way over to Beechcroft community allotments in Darcy Lever where I caught up plot holders Carol and Sarah who have been clearing unused beds on the site, and tending to their own. We gave Sarah and Carol some seeds, and some fruit bushes that we planted. We then got caught in what seemed like a freak downpour rain, we used this time sat in one of the sites shelters to discuss seed sowing, planting on, and wine making from summer fruits, it was great to catch up with Sarah and Carol as always, and credit to them for keeping going on the site.


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