Get growing Breightmet 7th June: phew, what a scorcher!

Phew what a scorcher! And that was at around 7am as I sat in the back garden tugging on a roll up and drinking my morning pot of Green Tea. By the time we arrived at Breightmet the heat had notched up a degree or two, today was going to be one of those plodding steady pace day. First job of the day as always at this time of the year was watering the seedling trays and fruit bush pots in the UCAN centres Yarden to the rear of the building.

Next on the list was delivering some soil and another raised bed to Marks place on New Lane, we checked Marks legendary chillis out whilst putting his raised bed in, he also donated a large box of healthy tomato plants to project, cheers Mark! For the remainder of this piping hot day I plodded round the estate dropping gardening resources, planting stuff and giving folk horticultural advice.

Today I managed to use just under a ton of soil either in pots, or in growers raised beds, this means that up to now the project has used seven tons of soil, and I will order another three tons for next week. Towards the end of the day I went to visit Andy one of our growers on Thicketford Brow, his next door neighbour has now joined us a grower and will be visited next week with growing kit and plants, all is good.


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