Breightmet Hub 1st June: A day of community activities for the community

Our day began with the usual filling up of any containers capable of holding water and loading these containers onto our trolley before wheeling it down to the Hub to water all of our seed trays.

After the drenching of the seedlings, it was back up to the Hub to pick up a few resources and water the plants and seedlings in the yarden. Made a quick trip up Padbury Avenue whilst out and about to catch up with one of our growers Damien who has been hard at it working in his amazing garden.

Then I went back down to the Hub with water for brews for the Men in Sheds session, and some gardening resources for the Hub. After a few hours of toing and foing between sites, it was time for the outdoor cooking session at the Hub, Pearl and Alan had prepared a huge pan full of leek and potato soup which was served with chunks of fresh crusty bread.

The Soup seemed to go down well with some of our growers who had turned up to have this lunch with us. The Men in sheds session today, also attended by men from Breightmet housing estate, was all about making fire baskets and barbecues from washing machine drums, and futuristic planters from the plastic casing which surrounds the drums.

This particular element of the men in sheds project has an income generating angle to it, as there are orders for some of the fire baskets in the pipeline, which is great for the project itself as any step towards economic self-reliance is a big bonus set against a background of uncertainty in the world of money and economics.

For some of the session I provided easy to understand advice about organic horticulture and generally shared ideas with our growers and vice versa.

The kids who attended our outdoor cooking lunch session seemed to have a great time, they play hide in seek in the long grass at the end of the site, and two girls up and impromptu sandpit with a small pile of sand that is close to our shipping container.

All in all a great day, some good conversations and banter, some new connections between our growers, some lovely traditional food and it never rained despite looming dark clouds overhead.


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