Get growing Breightmet 31st May:

As I sat sipping my morning brew and tugging on a roll up before leaving for Breightmet, I was once again blessed by the lovely weather outside and knew it was going to be a good day.

The first and most important job of the morning on arriving in sunny Breightmet was the watering of the Hub and the roof of the shipping container which houses many of our seedlings.

We filled which containers would hold water and walked down to the Hub to give everything a damn good watering. Once we were sure that the plants had a good drink we began to load up our trolley with soil, raised beds, and ready made pots and dropped them off at different addresses around the estate.

As the heat intensified we continued our load and drop method, albeit at a slightly slower rate. In the afternoon we worked with two families on Padbury Avenue who’s kids were off school for the half term holidays, and of course the kids who actually love gardening got stuck in and helped us to plant stuff in their garden. Catherine and Dave’s younger kids helped us plant on tomatoes and leeks, which is such a great thing for us when see very young kids engaging with gardening.

After our kids gardening session we continued to drop off various resources and also posted a flyer for our outside cooking session at the Breightmet Community Food growing Hub tomorrow, which incidentally, if anyone would like to come along for a bowl of Leek and potato soup will be happening between 1-2pm.  And just to end today’s post, we have picked up yet more growers today on the estate, as i mentioned breifly in earlier posts there is still a strong community here in Breightmet and news of the growing travels fast.


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