Breightmet Hub 25th: Men in sheds and community growing

Busy busy busy, that’s what this time of the year is for us community gardeners, and today reflects this. First off was a visit to Wigan College with Bolton at Homes Tony Cottam for a tour of their vertical and aquaponic systems,  great set up, fairly straight forward technology and something that could be scaled down both in terms of size and cost. After the Wigan visit it was back to Breightmet Hub where Landrover Dave was running his Men in Sheds session, today the lads got to use an angle grinder as they tackled the rear of the shipping container and also managed to get a coat of primer on, great work lads!

After a quick catch up with Dave I walked up to the UCAN centre and filled our trolley full of soil and delivered it to two of our growers Mark and Suzanne on New Lane. Mark has already jumped into the gardening pool by growing his seasonal chilli’s, and don’t they look lovely! After Mark and Suzanne’s I grabbed a bite to eat and made my way back down to the Hub where I continued to sow a lot of seeds and planted on a few herbs into some of the raised beds.



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