Get growing Breightmet 24th May: Make hay whilst the sun shines

A great days work today it has to be said, and it wouldn’t have happened in the matter it did without the help from Bolton Urban Growers very own Wynn ‘Firestarter’ Hutch and Alan ‘Mr C’ Chadwick, thanks lads, great effort!

Our day began with the usual brew in the Yarden of the UCAN centre, as part of this brew we also had a catchup with Vanessa and Pearl and planned a few small scale community events in the process.

After the meeting/brew it was straight to work dropping off and filling raised beds around the estate, in total today we moved well over a ton of soil either in its loose form or in the pots that I prepared yesterday.

Whilst we were at the home of one our growers my Mobile went, it was project worker Carl from the UCAN centre, someone else in the neighbourhood were interested in growing their own food, our new growers were a family who had just moved into the area who had two young kids with special needs who loved gardening, so we responded immediately and installed two raised beds in their garden to start them off.

In the afternoon myself and Wynn continued wheeling our trolley round the estate dropping off bits and pieces of gardening resources here and there. As I mentioned briefly in yesterdays post the air has warmed up now, the sun is shining fairly regularly and because of this we are sowing seeds like its going out of fashion. Even if we take on any late growers this year which is looking highly likely,  we will at least have the plants to go into their raised beds on account of the large volume of seeds sown at both the Hub in Breightmet and at the Willow Hey project in Farnworth.


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