How can you cook when you ain’t got no pans!

Some of the folk ain’t got no pans to cook their food, some ain’t got gas to rest imaginary pans on, some ain’t got cookers to switch on the gas that was cut off last month.

Up stepped the microwave and cheap takeaways, up stepped the foodbanks saving the day, up stepped acceptance that hungers OK.

No beans, no pans, no gas, no cooker, no giro now, got sanctioned, got nowt.

Spark of light through the kitchen window though, the gardens big maybe I could sow and grow food for the me and the kids, that’s good to know, gonna give it a go will let you know how it goes.

A thousand seeds for a quid, soon the garden was full, of spuds and swede and broccoli and peas, and the kids got outdoors more helping to grow all the food that we need.

A simple penny needed to be dropped, whilst I picked carrots in my garden, next door were picking up a food parcel, we had a chat and now they know to sow and grow and spread the word to those who they to save some dough, its easy when you have a go.


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