Get growing Breightmet 17th May: Growing in the Hood

Just to be clear about this food growing project for anyone who has not followed its path over the last year or so. The project itself is situated in an area that is classified as a food desert, there is a high level of people having to juggle their money and make choices between heating and eating, and their are those whose benefits have been cancelled for the flimsiest of reasons. yet despite this there is a buzz on the estate about the growing project and we hear every week of more people wanting to join in and grow some of their own food.

We had planned to deliver soil and raised beds round the estate this morning, but much to our annoyance the delivery truck turned up four hours later. So we ended up using the morning in the most productive way we were able to by sowing seeds on an almost industrial scale. In between bouts of seed sowing we wheeled our newly customised trolley round the estate dropping off pots of this that and tuther to various growers houses. By the time the soil turned up at the New Lane UCAN centre we had gardens eagerly awaiting the soil, so as soon it was dropped off we quickly began barrowing the soil into the growers gardens closest to the UCAN centre and got some help from families in preparing and getting stuff into their raised beds. So despite being let down for a morning delivery and having to wait a further four hours for it to be dropped, we still managed to get a fair bit done, and we managed to pick up a new grower whilst out and about chatting to members of the community, so not a bad days work really.


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