Get growing Breightmet 16th May: Getting ahead

We started the get growing project a month later than last years project, and with time ticking on, I thought I would put some extra time in, in order to get ahead. And with my concerns about the possible effects of the dry weather on our seedlings that are on the roof of the shipping container, I decided to put a little extra time in during the remainder of May and June.

So my work today began with potting on an delivering large mixed her pots to our growers addresses on the estate. This was followed by two trips to the Hub pulling a trolley full of water containers which I used to give the tender young shoots a good watering. When I climbed onto the roof of the shipping container it was great to find that we hadn’t lost a great deal of plants to the heat.

After the Hub I returned to the UCAN centre, ordered three tons of compost to be delivered tomorrow and bagged up the last of the potatoes into growing sacks. Before having a quick tidy up I dropped a large herb pot off at one of our New lane growers homes and had a quick check of his raised bed (all good)

I then caught the bus into town and my first of this years raids on the poundshop’s who have just begun to sell off gardening resources cheaply, managed to pick up three large packs of bean seeds for the less than the price of one and a load of seed trays, in the next week or so when they ‘really’ start to reduce the price of gardening stuff, I will be on red alert and visiting these places a couple of times a week.


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2 Responses to Get growing Breightmet 16th May: Getting ahead

  1. liquoricet says:

    Lisa F and I are going to have too many purple sprouting brocolli and tomato plants. If you want any you could have a word with her. There are also lots of seeds. Did you see this special offer? I bought a set for us and my mum – they were a £5 each for p&p

    • boltonurbangrowers12 says:

      Hi thanks for this, spoke to Lisa earlier today in Breightmet and she is going to give us some purple bro plants

      regards Steve

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