Breightmet Hub: Men in sheds and community growing

An interesting days work on Breightmet Community food growing Hub today. It began with my usual toing and froing between the New Lane UCAN centre and the Hub site, making sure that the lads had brewing tackle and the appropriate materials from the UCAN.

The Men in Sheds session consisted of some diverse strands of activities, there was seed sowing and some raised bed clearing happening, the salvaging of usable resources from thick timber poles, which will be used when we attach a canopy to the container, and the setting up of the roof garden on top of the shipping container.

My work went along similar lines with a little more emphasis on seed sowing. Despite being rained on a few times the sessions went well, good communication and banter between the men as usual and some great work carried out.


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3 Responses to Breightmet Hub: Men in sheds and community growing

  1. Maaz says:

    Hi, i need some advice on growing potatoes.
    I have a takeaway which mainly sells fries with every meal and i have a large patch if land to rear. I thought it would be a good use of space to use it to plant potatoes. How could i go about doing this


    • boltonurbangrowers12 says:

      buy cheap seed potatoes from discount stores such as poundland, get them in soil and off you go

      regards Steve

    • boltonurbangrowers12 says:

      you would need a lot of potatoes to use in a take away, buy your seed potatoes in march and grow them in sacks

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