Get growing Breightmet 10th May

By the time I arrived at Breightmet UCAN just before 9am, fellow Bolton Urban Grower Wynn Hutch was already on site, after a quick brew and catch up we loaded up our newly repaired trolley with gardening resources and began making our way round the estate dropping off soil and raised beds at various houses on the way. A big thank you to local lad and gardener Alan Chadwick for helping out this Morning!

Just before lunch I had a quick meeting with a Phd student who is working on a thesis related to food in working class areas, this was followed by another quick meeting with Community development worker Lisa Forrest before we sat down for a quick bite to eat.

In the afternoon we continued loading and unloading the trolley and wheeling it round the estate to various addresses. at One of the houses that we stopped at we were really surprised that the growers at this address had been busy sowing seeds and planting herbs in their bed, we responded to their keen outlook by giving them another raised bed full of compost.

As the afternoon edged on, predictably after three days of hot sunshine, the skies opened up and drenched myself and Wynn to the point where resembled drowned rats, but since the temperature was still really warm, we continued working in the rain and loading and unloading resources. Before leaving for home at the end of the day we walked round to bus driver Martins house to drop him off a raised bed, similarly, Martin had been bang at with his growing, he had filled three raised beds with soil that we had delivered to house last week, and planted on some onion sets. By the time we left the New UCAN centre we soaked to the bone, but fairly happy with the movement of two tons of soil and the accompanying raised beds.


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