Breightmet Hub: Men in Sheds and Urban Horticulture 4th May

What can I say, great weather, warmth, sunshine and a light cool breeze to keep us cool as we worked. So there will be no moaning and ranting about the weather from me this time round.

I did my usual ten minutes of running around and sorting brews and brewing tackle out for the Men in Sheds sessions, then onto my work for the day, which has largely been about the continuity of sowing seeds and lots of watering and toing and froing between the UCAN centre filling various containers with water for the newly planted seeds.

The Men in Sheds worked away on the shipping container whilst I immersed myself in a somewhat manic version of urban Horticulture. By the end of the Men in Sheds sessions the lads had painted the shipping container, and done a damn good job of it to boot, a big thank you to all the lads who painstakingly sanded, scrubbed and painted the container over the last few weeks. As Men in Sheds Tutor Landrover Dave puts it ‘If a Jobs worth doing, its worth doing properly’ A great days work by all, and some amusing and engaging banter as the lads gain more confidence and start to open up with each other with every week that passes, I feel really privileged and honoured to be engaging in this type of work, onwards and upwards!


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