Get Growing Breightmet: 3rd May

Of course I am going to mention the weather again as there has been so much of it of late, today promised rain in the morning and sun in the afternoon, for once the millions of pounds worth of weather forecasting equipment at the Met office actually got it it right!

In the Morning out work combined potting on dozens of fruit bushes and loading them onto our newly fixed and mended trolley which we pulled round the estate dropping off the potted fruit bushes and potato grow kits. At lunchtime I had a quick catch up meeting with Community development workers Lisa Bradley and Lisa Forrest, which was fruitful, fast and to the point, just how meetings should be.

Our afternoons work consisted of us loading up the trolley with bags of soil and raised beds and dropping them off and setting up the beds. In the late afternoon I bumped into a Congolese Women who had already started her sowing and growing in her back garden, we gave her a fruit tree, some sprouted onion sets and another raised bed. Such a great thing to see when a family that has fleed their own country because of war are now safe, with a little patch of sanity in their back gardens where can grow some food and enjoy the sun in safety.




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